Raidhi School of Health Studies is a private health academy, offering opportunities to prospective health studies learners in accordance with the regulations of the Health and Welfare Sector Education and Training Authority (HWSETA). We are accredited by the HWSETA to offer all our health courses. Our accreditation number is HW591PA165702.

Raidhi School of Health Studies is a multicultural Health Academy, which strives to provide and promote education to the disadvantaged communities. Raidhi School of Health Studies plays a vital role in uplifting and development of skills in the local communities and rural areas.

Raidhi School of Health Studies raidhi school of health studies Welcome To Raidhi School of Health Studies Raidhi School of Health StudiesRaidhi School of Health Studies undertakes learning programmes in order to meet the dynamic changes in needs of the broader community of Southern Africa.

The Health Academy renders education in association with various private and governmental clinics, hospitals and community facilities. learners come in contact with various aspects of the health sector under the accompaniment of the tutors of the Academy as well as the registered health practitioners in the clinical settings. Within these institutions the learners gain practical skills and experience in all spheres of the Health profession.

Raidhi School of Health Studies offers the learner an opportunity to embark on a career in Health Studies. We offer competent facilitators, who can empower the learner in the academic study of health courses. The facilitators also guide the learners in the clinical environment.

We have a well-equipped skills lab, where the learners can practice their clinical skills before entering the clinical environment.

Raidhi School of Health Studies also offers a course in Computer training as part of the health studies. We are very proud of our Internet Café, where the learners can surf the Net to collect data for their assignments.