first aid level 2 first aid level 2 First Aid Level 2 (2 days) first aid level 2

First Aid Level 2 training will be useful for employees to enable them to provide primary emergency care (first aid) in response to an occupational risk induced or any health emergency in their specific workplaces. People that have undergone First Aid Level 2 training will be able to: demonstrate the principles of primary emergency care; assess and control a single injury emergency scene in the workplace; demonstrate primary emergency life support for adults, children and infants; explain and manage shock; carry out secondary assessment of the sick or injured person and provide appropriate primary emergency care at the scene; keep records of the incident/accident.

Course Content:

  • Emergency scene management ,Emergency Assistance, Primary survey, Secondary survey
  • Scene safety, Triage, First aid procedures ,CPR (adult, child, and infant)
  • Rescue Breathing (adult, child, and infant)
  • Abdominal Thrust (adult, child, and infant), Recovery Position, Record Keeping, Hand-off
  • Emergency situations & common injuries , Amputations, Anaphylaxis, Bleeding, Burns
  • Fractures, Head, neck and back injuries (immobilisation and transport), Heart attack
  • Poisons, Shock (circulatory), Thermal stress, Wounds

2 days (depending on the size of the group), a light lunch is provided.

From R1999.00 per person

Venue /Training Dates

Cape Town 30th-31st August

Johannesburg  2nd-3rd September

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